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Hi there! What brings you here, and who are you? A civil engineer? A PhD student in environmental technology? An editor at a publishing company, maybe? Or a fellow geologist or marine biogeochemist?

What specific task do you need assistance with? Let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Angelina SourenI brought SmarterScience to life in 1997 after I heard one of my colleagues at a university comment with mild envy that he no longer had the time to keep up with the latest developments and read all the literature.

I began offering scientists a smarter way to do science. This undertaking suited me perfectly because it made good use of my intellectual and professional flexibility.

I got to teach graduate students in civil engineering and management, carried out studies in areas like fisheries science and medicine, edited journal manuscripts, supported scientists with their grant proposals and did various other things that are a normal part of a university scientist's tasks.

Over the years, the nature of my business evolved. Publishers and engineering companies found me as well. That allowed me to plunge into forensic science, translate pharmaceutical and technological patents, write about chemical topics and interview engineers and scientists all over the world about their lives, their projects and their companies.

I also enjoyed cooperating with many people who assisted me, such as Anna in Canada and Victor from Colombia, initially based in the US and now living in Spain, and various people in the Dutch professionals groups deining and Women on the Web (vo and the pressies).

SmarterScience started out in Amsterdam, initially under the name Armadillo Research Services. After my relocation to the United Kingdom at the end of 2004, I had to adapt my package of services for Dutch clients as I was no longer a drive or a train trip away. For my American and other clients outside the Netherlands, my move to the UK was a different story.

The global economic upheaval that started shortly afterward affected me as well. As any business owner knows, keeping a business alive means renewing yourself over and over and over. Change is vital even when it means undoing earlier adjustments, as sometimes happens.

This web site, for example, became very large in the past. It had well over 200 pages with articles on all sorts of scientific topics, with links from several Wikipedia pages. As you can see, I later trimmed it down to about the size I started out with. Improvement – change - is a constant component of being the best you can be. By being the best I can be, I enable you to do the same. Be the best you can be.

So, what can I help you with today? E-mail me! Angelina Souren

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"I went along with nearly all of it. Good work."
March 2009 - A Dutch client with regard to editing of a chemical technology manual

"Thank you very much for your edits. I loved it!"
July 2008 - an Indonesian client in The Netherlands with regard to editing of a paper for Marine Geology

"Indeed had a nice defense and a nice party last Friday. Credit goes to you as well!"
November 2005 - a Chinese client in The Netherlands with regard to editing for a Ph.D. thesis on water management

"I will have an urgent job for you in a week or so... the new version of my Nature paper" and "Accepted!"
April through July 2005 - a Dutch university scientist about scientific editing

"I liked what you had done. I had a few of the references, but most were ones I hadn't seen. As I suspected, no one has done the math properly yet."
December 2003 - a client a literature review I carried out

Fall 2003 - a Dutch scientist after editing of a grant proposal)

"Ms. Souren's expertise on the subject was very helpful"
March 2003 - an American NGO about a literature review

"A job well done - I like it very much"
March 2003 - a Dutch client about an article I (co)wrote

"I also wanted to tell you another success due to your services. The NSF proposal that you worked on for me was awarded! YAY!"
October 2002 - an American client regarding editing of a grant proposal

"I wanted to let you know that we've enthusiastically followed up on your tip... Thank you for your attentiveness."
September 2002 - a large international engineering firm, for which I spotted a great sponsoring opportunity

"Thank you very much for what you contributed, for thinking along with me and acting as a sounding board. I really feel good about the proposal I just submitted."
February 2002 - a Dutch client about grant proposal assistance, a service I no longer offer (listing as top qualities: Good Value, On Time, Creative)

"Holy cow! ...you did such a great job..."
July 2001 - an American scientist about scientific editing of a journal paper

"I really like this class, particularly because the labs really address the issues covered in the lectures."
January 2001 - a Dutch graduate student during a tidal-river modeling lab, which I helped design and teach and for which I also wrote part of the course materials

"You produced a very thorough search with quite a few references that look promising. This search was superior to another outside search that was attempted last month."
October 2000 - an American corporate client about a literature survey